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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

September 21, 2023 – Volume One, Page 20: “To reduce the chaotic effects, the predictive or perceptive errors, the psychic functions must also work in a ‘field” of belief.”

From Nikola Tesla: “Any experienced psychic will tell you that it is more difficult to receive information when reading an unnecessarily rigid skeptic, particularly one that either wishes to test the quality of the medium, channel, or perceptive by setting them the task of coming up with impossible proofs, or one whose skepticism is actually a mask for a hermetically sealed mind that has come to an unwavering conclusion regarding the nature or value of the information or the conduit for the information. That a number of psychics mentioned in carefully researched books regarding them have indeed withstood the tests says much about the quality of the perceptive, and of the challengers. In a mild way, it is rather like asking someone, ‘Think of the color blue! Now, think of the color green! Now, think of aspen trees in the fall! And now prove it!”There is no one on Earth that can prove his thoughts that way, although there have been many teachers that have tried, coming to you with tales of wonders they have felt and seen. The harsher way is to set the medium or any other practitioner up, by intentional deception, assuming that the practitioner will see through the lie and catch the liar out and that if the perceptive cannot catch on right away, this means that such a person is bogus. This abuses the sensitivity of the gifted, and entirely does not take into account that the practitioner must have his or her own field of belief in order to receive the information in the first place! Elsewhere in my books I have compared this fragile information to hoarfrost: this frost is a real thing, based upon Reality, but if the testor shies a spotlight on such a delicate crystal, it disappears almost instantly.

Published inVolume One
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