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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

September 21, 2023 – Volume One, Page 19: “Granted: leaping from the state of comprehension to the state of wisdom to the state of revelation does involve dimensional steps.”

From Nikola Tesla: “This means not only ‘dimension’ in the sense of form, but of infinities of expression with the elegant perception that a line is an infinite number of points, the plane an infinite number of lines, and so on. As I have said elsewhere this perception of the infinite within the finite plus the inner simplicity of complexity as you might find in the Mandelbrot sets, can be used as another method to engage with infinity, and thus the three inner Essential Dimensions in several ways at once. And when you can connect in this hyper-aware, global way, the very state of revelation can become constant. From that state you can create your reality with grace and elegance, instead of a fraught combination of myths, half-truths, and dogmas that have been passed down to you in your upbringing, as well as your own often fear-based misunderstanding of your own human nature. The more human you become, the more you will be kind and considerate, for instance, because you will see how you connect with All and All connects with you.”

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