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Nikola Tesla’s channeled afterlife communications in Volume One present a new Multi-dimensional Physics of Human Consciousness.

Nikola Tesla’s Volume Two channeled afterlife communications on Healing and Manifestation Magic, with several powerful meditations.

Volume Three offers Channeled articles from Nikola Tesla regarding Multi-dimensional Field Effects, Human Experiences and the Afterlife.

Volume Four of the Afterlife Conversations On Paraphysical Comments series offers channeled material from Nikola Tesla covering his new perceptions of physics and the influence of Human Consciousness upon Reality.

In Volume Five, New Humanity, Nikola Tesla covers human issues: pain; the human paradox, toxic manifestation magic, dreams and astrology.

Nikola Tesla presents, through conscious channel Francesca Thoman, information he has learned from afterlife connections with multiple famous discarnates.

Channeled Human Wisdom for Modern Times offers afterlife advice channeled from 27 famous personalities, rich with social and political commentary.

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