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Excerpt from Volume One: Page 63

“Time came before space. Time allows physicality to exist by allowing process, and thus information. Time also creates uniqueness of location, the individuation of the Heisenberg uncertainties into multiple realities and specific individuation of conscious experiences… space would not exist without the inexorable forward motion of time as is experienced by all macro-systems, starting with the atoms and molecules within structure.”

Volume One: Description: This volume presents some of the essential concepts upon which he bases his multidimensional physics, such as the Four Essential Processes, and Some Observations About Timespace and Human Consciousness. The New Meditations include including Creating Structures of Light., Luminal Intelligence, and Spiritual Enzymes.

Excerpt from Volume Two Page 92:

[The] surface tension between 4-D and M-D [multidimensional] expression or manifestation needs to exist between the first three dimensions and the physical matter within them, are the only three dimensions that can engage time as duration, sequence, and ‘forward’ motion. This is why the gaps between sub atomic and atomic, molecular, cellular and organic realities exist. Sub-atomic particles and waves are… only loosely attached to time. They are only ‘big’ enough to engage with time and space, but they cannot incorporate it.”

Volume Two: in the section on Manifestation Magic, Nikola Tesla discussed the physical and non-physical aspects of this Magic with profound insight. This book also presents a lengthy and interactive “correspondence” with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, covering subjects from Para-sound Vibrations and DNA, Signals within a Living System, and The Multi-Dimensional Aspects of Torsion Fields.

Excerpts from Volume Three Page 114

“There has been much painstaking, elegant, and delightful cosmological work done in recent years to discern and describe the ‘bubbles’ of matter that form the super-galaxies’ arrangements with each other in order to show Einstein’s Spacetime. These shapes help clarify the actions of gravity and magnetism, but from my point of view they are the physical manifestations of a much deeper inner structure that I have called the inter-dimensional or Multi-dimensional geometries. It is for the sake of describing these structures… that I have presented the outré concepts of Para-light, Para-gravity, and the dimension of Identity.

Page 125

“Leaving Heaven for Earth is worse than traveling to a bitter, alkaline desert and the discomfort can be felt as depression or rage, both of which lead to aggression. On Earth aggression is common and often is an effective response to your loss and despair, because if not overbalanced or unwisely applied, a directed sense of anger and frustration accomplishes things, Indeed, you are actually aggressive to yourself in a very real sense when you correct yourself on errors, determine to change or to keep yourself to a standard despite the impulse to slide into the easy, lazy, self-indulgent ways.

Volume Three Description:

This volume shows the range of Nikola Tesla’s comprehension of his multi-dimensional physics and his appreciation for Humanity’s challenges. Covering subjects as diverse as Para-sound Encoding in DNA to the Non-Uniform Expression of the Enfolded Dimensions in the first section, to the Hypnosis of the Marketplace and the Media to The Nature of Human Healing in the second section, it includes an Appendix that describes Nikola Tesla’s afterlife experiences.

Excerpt from Volume Four: Page 132

The [essential] dimension of Primordial Chaos is both enfolded and unfolded within 4-D reality by the same sort of complex and elegant geometry that governs everything else; fields and forces, matter and light. These dimensional angles allow Chaos to be expressed within Reality’s ordered frameworks in such a fashion that its effect remains constantly and dynamically balanced, however unlikely that might seem to you in times of stress, tumult, or sudden change… I define Life as an intentional, focused, and dynamically arranged amalgam of consciousness, light, and physical form. Because of the semi-conduction created between these dynamic phase shifts between Life’s enfolded and unfolded multidimensionality, far more combinations are possible than there would be if the bridging connections were more direct.”

Volume Four Description

Devoting three articles to his new views of Physics, Volume Four also contains articles on the Dimension of Identity, the Off-set Angles of Life and Light, and About Belief. Presenting a more in-depth view of his multi-dimensional physics regarding the three essential dimensions: the Zero Dimension, the dimension of Identity, and the dimension of Primordial Chaos, Volume Four shows how human consciousness and experiences affect Reality, and therefore Physics, because of the truly multidimensional (enfolded and unfolded) nature of that consciousness.

Excerpt from Volume Five page 143:

“Governments would be built upon consensus instead of winning; laws will be agreements that the whole community has crafted. Although there would always be differences of opinion, there could be so much less fear, anxiety, depression, helpless rage, or misery! … You could change your purpose as a human being by dropping brutality, envy, bitterness, or hatred to become an entity of wonder, discovery, compassion and intuition. Tremendous things may evolve…”

Volume Five Description: This volume shows Nikola’s compassion for humanity and his wisdom. Including fascinating articles such as New Functions and Forms for Astrology, and The Human Paradox, Nikola also covers such issues as the Cost of Human Pain, and how to deal with Toxic Manifestation Magic. In the article, “Descriptions of the Potential Future,” he shows his hope and wonder. The Appendix “Wounded by the Gods” presents controversial ideas regarding possible extraterrestrial interventions to create humanity.

Excerpt from Nikola Tesla Presents Page 104 (“Melancholia into Joy”):

“For there is an astonishing amount of good in pain; in depression; even in agonized soul-searching: one of the things that emotional depth allows, if not forces you to confront, is the Mythic. The challenges, gateways, journeys, and triumphs within the human being bridge the human self together with the soul. The abyss between your human self and your divine soul which this bridge spans is where the rivers of pain run together with the rivers of unmitigated joy. Cataracts of Truth flow into this gap between the worlds; freshets of Creativity swell the flood. Dreams leap up from these pure, strong waters in the shining mists: dreams of hope and dreams of nightmares. Currents of Magic run there, defying all expectations…”

Nikola Tesla Presents Description:

In the first section, the spirit of Nikola Tesla was able to meet with many others, and shares the wisdom of many people: authors, scientists, actors, statesmen, Native Americans, and even his old friend Mark Twain. The second section presents past personalities in their own words, from musicians to authors, suffragettes to past presidents, channeled by Francesca Thoman with Nikola’s generous help.

From Channeled Human Wisdom Page 42:

“You did not come [to Earth] for punishment or to separate yourself from God. You have not come to Earth because you are so much lesser than the angels or because God has either lost His mind or simply forgotten you. You came to Earth to experience contrast, uniqueness, and passion You came to Earth to experience irony and serendipity; to experience loss and then grief’s resolution… You wanted to push the limits of the possible until you understood the impossible. You came to Earth to test yourself against lies; to live your truth in the midst of those who would gainsay you; you came to Earth to experience the real Presence of God…”

Channeled Human Wisdom Description:

Drawing again upon his many conversations with other that have passed, the spirit of Nikola Tesla shares wisdom again from Mark Twain and Abigail Adams, as well as numerous statesmen, authors and abolitionists, scientists and sages, rulers and lawyers, all commenting on our current times with passion, compassion, insight, and integrity. Very much in touch and concerned with the challenges of our modern times, these accomplished spirits share deep wisdom and humor, honesty, and fascinating new perceptions.

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