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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

September 21, 2023 – Volume One, Page 20: “Yes, there are higher orders [of ‘Reality] and there are realms of lessened or even anti-entropy. The universe could not exist without them.”

From Nikola Tesla: “Entropy may be considered a creature of Time, and Time is needed for timing: specific separations of simultaneous processes in space. Part of the reason why you have developed the left brain, with its focus upon sequences, so necessary is to allow you to accomplish things within Time efficiently within Time.  A civilization without war, without abuse, neglect, manipulation, lies, and other evils definitely has less entropy; if such a civilization is also dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and can therefore access the Core of Para-light, the infinite, vibrationless light that is the source of all energy, entropy can be reversed, even though it might only be step by step. Those tales of Master Teachers going into Heavenly realms and returning in an instant after an experience that lasts seven years are true, and suggest where the truly unlimited energy may be found…  but only by those that have exalted their humanity into wisdom, training their egos into servants rather than masters.

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