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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

August 31, 2023 – Volume One, Page 19: “And this is my excitement: when the science of chaos stops describing form and starts describing its [chaos’s] M-D functions, then much that has not been understood will be understood.”

From Nikola Tesla: ”Science, as a means of approaching Reality, and therefore many scientists, generally prefers to describe things, rather than experience them. They know the how of so many different actions, reactions, processes, and laws of nature, they do not often understand the why: the hidden, deeply creative and expressive impulse towards experience, perception, knowledge, and wisdom. This may be seen as a difference between left-brain thinking and right-brain thinking: the left brain focuses on straight-line processes, while the right brain tends to perceive the global effects of those processes. And it is surely true that the universe itself does not depend solely upon the mind, reason, or logic: if it were not for the impossibility of the combined Zero dimension and the dimension of Primordial Chaos, not only would there be no scope for Identity of any form, but the ‘ex nihilo’ Big Bang could never have happened. Indeed, the experience of spiritual enlightenment is the exaltation of this global perception, where you can perceive the All in All and the One in All and the All in One simultaneously.

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