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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

August 31, 2023 – Volume One, Page 19: “Chaos and String Theory together, along with conscious as a mathematical, factorable entity, will do more to reveal the M-D [multidimensional] issues of Reality than the finest linear of circular accelerator.”

From Nikola Tesla: “And here we are, hinting again at the value of approaching Reality, not through the distorting agency of technology, but by including the psychic and other perceptive functions of human consciousness. Yes, in my human life, I delighted in training my mind to work out my devices, working with them by using my inner eye. Fields and forces fascinated me, but now I see I might have benefitted tremendously from a more spiritual direction as well. In my own version of left-brain, straight-line thinking, I thought I needed to keep my focus in one direction, however broad the delta created by my driving searches created. Even though my thoughts were to circle around themselves, it would still be that singular focus: bring my visions into Reality. Meanwhile, I missed several things, from the architecture of greed to the possibility that I had other lies and experiences in other realities. Knowing these, had I reached outward within myself, might have helped me navigate the challenges of being human with a little more elegance, and greater success. And perhaps I would have eschewed those things that most made me human, so driven was I to succeed. If I had known the String and Chaos Theories, perhaps, I would have had a more multi-dimensional experience in several meaningful ways.”

Published inVolume One
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