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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

August 31, 2023 – Volume One, Page 18: “However, at this present time, the human psychic function is also subject to mathematical chaos, both in the limited sense of increasing disorder and in the broader sense of the dynamics of order and disorder.”

From Nikola Tesla: “This connection to the invisible factors of Chaos, which I call the Dimension of Primordial Chaos, is necessary: the Three Essential Dimensions (of Identity, the Zero Dimension, and the dimension of Primordial Chaos) provide the necessary dynamic balance for physical creation, automatically providing each other with checks and balances, in a unity of the triune aspects of the Whole. This dynamic interaction keeps Reality from freezing solid, so to speak, as it manifests into Time, and the Three Essential Dimensions function as torsion fields for each other. The influence of Primordial Chaos guarantees that no psychic medium, channel, or clairvoyant will attain 100% accuracy, except for those times when, in accord with the balancing effects of Primordial Chaos, suddenly they do reach that accuracy. The concept of Mathematical Chaos (the mathematics of the Chaos function) is a good and useful one, and if examined closely will reveal the unity of systems created by the function of the Zero dimension as well as the robust experiences created through the dimension of Identity.”

“As an aside: You must all realize how strong your connection to the Dimension of Identity is: when you pay attention to what you are dong, you will realize that you can harm someone or heal him, create an entity through your own focused fears or focused joy; create a god or a demon by your beliefs; create falsehood from truth, and truth from falsehood, and you do it all the time, forgetting that you are working that way.”

Published inVolume One
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