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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

August 12, 2023 – Volume One, Page 11: “Thus, once consciousness itself is recognized as a factorable entity, both consciousness and comprehension itself may be approached mathematically.”

From Nikola Tesla: I must confess to teasing a little: many present physicists see Reality through a scrim of numbers, forgetting meanwhile that I the true nature of the Universe (at least as I am presenting it!), numeration is only a Torsion Field, and that the Zero dimension has that name in part because it is beyond the very concept of number. Much as Zero is not a number in some circles, the Divinity which creates everything, including number, is beyond number. And the universe insists upon its nature as an analog: colors in a sunset are never discrete stripes of pure color, but infinite gradations of intermingling wavelengths of light. Digitization, both of music and the human experience, limits that experience because numbers encapsulate processes and entities through the Procrustean process of specificity. Yes: your 4-D reality is celebrated because of its specificity, and it surely should be so, because the dimension of Identity demands it.  However, the “reason” for the Dimension of Primordial Chaos is to assure that the Zero dimension and the dimension of Identity remain fluid, interpenetrating each other without rigidity or stagnation.”

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