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Afterlife Comments from Volume One – Scroll Down

August 12, 2023 – Volume One, Page 11: “As the eleven dimensions described by the String- or M-Theory mathematics, are enfolded within the 4-D experience, the Zero dimension is enfolded within those same mathematics as the 12th dimension.”

From Nikola Tesla: Three, six, nine, and twelve are frequently seen in nature and in mathematics and geometry, and the expression of the Divine Creativity reflects the Divine Nature, and Nature expresses the Divine Creativity: thus, 12 mathematically described dimensions. In reality, dimensions are infinite within themselves, as noted earlier in the paragraphs above this quote: infinite points in a line, lines in a plane, and so on. And the dimensions themselves are infinite! Not simply the “layered” infinity of a multiverse, where universes express themselves differently from every potential choice, but the infinite expanse of any one of the multiverses relating to the other multiverses in infinite ways through infinite connections. It was for this, Nikola says, that the conscious mind was created: to particularize and “edit” the divine experience! And even in the relatively limited and edited form of human consciousness, worlds and gods are both created with tremendous meaning and impact.

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